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SAFEChecks Positive Pay Software

Positive Pay is an essential part of every effective check fraud prevention program. SAFEChecks Positive Pay software helps extract the check issue data from the application software, format it to the bank's specifications, and transmit the file to the bank.

SafePay - SAFEChecks Positive Pay Software

  • Protects against most counterfeit and all altered dollar amounts
  • Available as a stand-alone program on any Windows platform (other platforms also available)
  • Integrates seamlessly with SAFEChecks MICR Laser Check Printing software
  • Compatible with virtually all accounting system export files
  • Allows multiple daily transmissions

SAFEChecks PC-based Positive Pay Software is available for $299 as part of a fraud prevention package. This includes an order of 500 high-security business checks and an order of the SuperCheck. SAFEChecks high-security business checks contain more than nine security features. These checks are uniquely printed for your company. For more information visit www.safechecks.com. The SuperCheck is the high-security personal check designed by renowned fraud expert Frank W. Abagnale. It is the most secure personal check on the market today. For more information visit www.supercheck.net.

SAFEChecks also has Positive Pay Software for AS400 and other systems. Call (800) 755-2265 ext. 3302 for information.

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